Ethical Website Analytics

Introducing a new innovative way to track your website users, without compromising privacy!

Remove cookies from your website, and take back control of your own privacy practices with TRACXit!

Bid Farewell to Cookie Banners

Take Back Control of Your Website

TRACXit redefines your website's analytics, removing the need for cumbersome cookie banners and enhancing user experience. This ethical, GDPR-compliant tool ensures privacy without sacrificing insight, allowing for a smoother, uninterrupted browsing experience. Embrace a clutter-free website interface and maintain compliance effortlessly with TRACXit.

What about GDPR?

Go Beyond GDPR Compliance

There Is Compliance and There Is TRACXit

TRACXit isn't just about meeting GDPR requirements; it's about setting a new standard for website analytics. By offering a powerful, cookie-less tracking solution, TRACXit ensures your website not only complies with privacy regulations but also prioritizes the privacy of your users. This approach allows for in-depth insights without the privacy compromises, marking a significant leap forward in how data is collected and used ethically online. With TRACXit, go beyond compliance into a realm of responsible, user-first analytics.

Can I customise?

Customise Your Analytics

Use Our Custom Actions for Powerful, and Ethical, Tracking

Tailor your analytics to suit your unique business needs, from user interactions to specific event tracking, without compromising on privacy. This flexible, powerful tool enables detailed insights into your website's performance, helping you make informed decisions and enhance user experience. With TRACXit, unlock the potential of custom, cookie-less tracking for a truly bespoke analytics approach.

What about support?

UK Based

We're Based In The UK

yWe Media, the company behind TRACXit, is based in Oxford, UK. We offer dedicated UK based support and we host our servers in the EU, making data protection even more complient for UK companies.

Why choose TRACXit?

Why Choose Us?

Why Start Tracking With TRACXit?

πŸ’Ό  Tailored for Businesses
πŸ”  Privacy Focused
πŸͺ  Remove Cookie Banners
πŸ–₯️  Track Anything with Actions
πŸ“Š  Export to .csv, Easily
🎨  Customise to Your Needs
🌎  Flexible and Scalable

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